About TRIZ Future 2015

What's happening at TRIZ Future Conference 2015?

Creating value for customers and society

Growing global competition is a given. Industry faces extensive patent workarounds and customers are more involved in product development than ever. How do you ensure to come off as a winner in this competitive environment? Join the TRIZ Future Conference 2015 in Berlin and learn more about global structured innovation. Close the gap between individual creativity and scalable innovation success. Meet a diverse and international community of contributors from industry, science and the public which is knowledgeable and interested in creating value for customers and society by means of innovation.

The declared Mission of this conference is to ..provide challenging topics, inspring surrounding conditions and top-notch networking partners.. to .. a community of experts, managers and facilitators responsible for products, services and innovation.

TRIZ 2015 - Global Structured Innovation

When every participant has …

… gained 1 unexpected insight
… had 4 great days in Berlin,
… held 10 inspiring conversations,
… increased his network by 20 contacts.

You will have …

… yielded abundant inspiration to identify the next steps towards achieving a long-awaited innovative leap forward with your product or service.

We will be proud to say …

… Thank you for contributing to the best TRIZ conference ever. You have helped us to make our Vision to come true.

The TRIZ Future Conference 2015 is the event to learn how to create value for customers and society

Business Value

Innovations without business value live a short life in the market economy. Some might say they do not even qualify as innovations. Knowing, optimising and realising the value of an innovation requires concepts for measurement and comparison. Easily applied methods on where to look for the most valuable innovations are the vision for this stream of the conference.


Successful innovations arise from recognized social needs. Striving towards the greater good is a huge driver for innovation. Be it megatrends like health, sustainability and mobility or be it local initiatives supporting with emergency shelters and micro credits. Innovations emerging from the motivation to create value for our society are growing in number and impact. Tune in for a front row seat in seeing the world become a better place.

Industrial Cases

Putting ideas into practice is key for success. Scientific methods turn out differently, when applied in industrial contexts. Case studies on structured innovation methods in industry provide valuable insights on their operational strengths and weaknesses. You will have the opportunity to benefit from various lessons learnt for your own challenges towards further innovation of your products, services or business models.

TRIZ and other methods of structured innovation address strategic as well as operational opportunities. Forecasting the inevitable future of products and services helps you to take a look into the future and create it right now by focusing your efforts on the winning horse. Knowing where the road will take you, structured innovation provides rich instruments to reduce complexity, identify obstacles and clear the way for next generation results.

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