During the international TRIZ Future Conference 2015 Berlin is all about Innovation

Creating Customer Value: At this year’s international conference on innovation, the TRIZ Future Conference 2015 (https://www.tfc2015.com) on 26 – 29 October, the presentations, workshops, knowledge exchange and up-to-date scientific information are all about the development, production and management of innovation.

Berlin, 25 June 2015 – How can the innovations of tomorrow be identified and implemented in products, services and business models today? That is the question, the answer to which has brought together researchers, experts, developers and users from all over the world at the TRIZ Future Conference for almost a week for over fifteen years now. The last time this worldwide renowned innovation forum was held in Germany was in 2007. After Lisbon (2012), Paris (2013) and Lausanne (2014), the four-day event takes place this year for the first time in the capital of Germany, in Berlin.

Keynote speakers are from General Electric, Bombardier, Rolls Royce and the University of Tel Aviv, among others.

The list of speakers already includes renowned participants from numerous sectors of industry and the economy. Among them, innovation-oriented companies such as Bombardier, Philips, Intel, LG Electronics, Samsung, Schaeffler, Bosch, Siemens and General Electric. Innovation community representation is completed by experts from academic institutions and international Universities on all continents. Participants can look forward to a program that is as varied and entertaining as it is productive and flexible. It ranges from tutorials via workshops and networking events to full conference participation and a Gala Dinner. All the details are at https://www.tfc2015.com/tickets.

The innovation consultancy Tom Spike (www.tomspike.com), which has specialized in structured inventing and the implementation of innovations, is organizing this year’s conference in cooperation with the European TRIZ Association (ETRIA). Up to 250 innovation managers, developers, inventers and scientists are expected to attend.

Nina Defounga, Managing Director at conference organizer Tom Spike, explains: “We are already looking forward to the many requests and the attractive events and functions program, which will include keynote speeches by General Electric, Rolls Royce, the University of Tel Aviv, INPRO innovation projects and Bombardier Transportation among others.“

This event is of interest to all developers, researchers and users in industry and business because of its focus on applied areas such as Business Value, Society und Industrial Cases. Yet for it to be held at the ‘innovation stronghold’ location Berlin at all is only conceivable with the support of sponsors and partners. In addition to scientific partners such as TU Berlin, Fraunhofer IPK, CIRP, ETRIA, and htw Berlin, it is Bombardier Transportation and Schaeffler who can be called the original sponsors. Other sponsors and partners are now being given the opportunity to participate in this international innovation summit and showcase their skills, as outlined at www.tfc2015.com/sponsoring-options.

Advancing Society and the Economy with new Innovations and Solutions

The four-day conference program is aimed specifically at all decision-makers who are advancing society, politics and the economy through innovations and want to improve its performance and productivity. “In order to be of interest to researchers and users alike, a variety of event formats are on offer. From conventional lectures and panel discussions via Innovation workshops all the way to poster sessions and a Best Paper award“, emphasizes Defounga, a qualified Engineer. All of this serves to unite theory and practice to achieve best possible problem solving. “At the end of the conference, all participants should be in a position to apply successful methods of innovation. And in a structured manner and repeatedly. Be it in product development, business models and processes or in scientific research“, summarizes the event organizer.

The TRIZ Future Conference 2015 is the knowledge and networking event for innovation experts and developers in Europe and globally. Hence the working language at the conference is English. A detailed overview of the current program of events can be found online at https://www.tfc2015.com.

About the TRIZ Future Conference 2015 organizer Tom Spike: 

Tom Spike (www.tomspike.com) is a young consulting firm focusing on innovation and innovative problem solving. Tom Spike demonstrates, supports and creates structured innovation. The experienced consulting team assists SMEs and corporations to innovate better, faster and more cost efficiently and to strengthen their innovative capacity. These engineers from Berlin also solve complex problems. The bigger the challenge, the more effective it is.


Using the consulting and solution-oriented approach of structured innovation leads to faster and more cost-effective innovation of products and business models than use of a conventional, unstructured approach to innovation, typically based on a multitude of ideas.


As a workshop and seminar provider for medium and large companies as well as start-ups, Tom Spike communicates repeatable methods that are easy to learn for a successful innovation process and recurring success. As consultants for innovation and product development, Tom Spike supports businesses faced with a challenge or a specific development problem, to create innovative solutions in the shortest possible timeframe. From brainstorming to patentable product within a week. Because concentrated efforts within a limited period of time are true miracles of efficiency. They enable incredible speeds and conserve scarce resources such as time, money and personnel.